2/27/16 A Time Of Terror

Jesus closes His eyes for a moment, His head lifted toward Heaven.  It seems as if He is watching the events He is now describing, for His face is grim and He looks as if He is in pain.  He alone knows the full scope of the prophecy He is giving to His apostles, and that the events will occur both very soon and again at the very end of time.  He collects Himself and goes on to say, “The prophet Daniel foretold that a man of great evil will come to Israel.  He will hate the Jewish people and My followers.  He will put an end to worship in the Temple and will desecrate it.  He, a Gentile, will enter the Most Holy Place in the Temple and will sacrifice a pig on the altar.  Then Jerusalem will be besieged by many armies.  When you see this happen, flee!  Do not look back, do not stop to pack your things, simply get out of Israel as fast as you can.  It will not go well for those who cannot move quickly, for pregnant and nursing women or the elderly or infirm, and they will need assistance.    And if this happens in the winter, or on a Sabbath day, it will be even worse for you, so pray that this is not the case!  Because this event will usher in a time of horrors like the world has never seen before, or ever will again.  Those who are still in the city when this comes to pass will be tortured and killed, or sent off to far away countries to live as slaves.  Israel will be taken over by the Gentiles and all of the religious practices of the Hebrew people will be outlawed, until the time of the Gentiles is finished.  If God did not have pity on His people and put a time limit on this period, nobody would survive.  But for the sake of His people, He will only allow this to go on for a short period of time.”


Matthew 24:15-22, Mark 13:14-20, Luke 21:20-24, Daniel 11:31, 12:11


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