2/22/16 A True Sacrifice

Jesus has been teaching in the Temple near the treasury all day.  Now He pauses and watches the people walking by, each putting money into the offering box.  The money is kept in the Temple and used only for things deemed Korban, or set apart to bring the giver closer to God.  This includes Temple upkeep, the purchase of sacrificial animals to sell to pilgrims, salaries for priests and other Temple workers, purchase of the spices used to make the Holy incense, etc.  Jesus watches as several rich men deposit large sums of money into the treasury.  But then He sees a poor widow come by.  She is dressed in a ragged robe and barefoot.  In her hand, she clutches two pennies tightly, as if she is afraid to lose them.  Her eyes are cast down, but filled with determination.  When she reaches the offering box, she lifts her eyes to Heaven and breathes a quick prayer of thanks.  She drops her coins into the box and quietly walks away.


Mark 12:41-42, Luke 21:1-2


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