2/19/16 Goodness Grows Out Of Love

“The Pharisees and lawyers are so careful to be seen to obey every last detail of the Law of Moses.  They give a tenth of everything they procure as a sacrifice to God, even down to measuring out a tenth of each spice, but they don’t give of their hearts.  They forget completely about the greater matters of justice, mercy, and faith.  They carefully strain the water that they are to drink so that they get all the tiniest bugs out of it.  But in so doing, they end up swallowing an elephant.  They are so careful to be seen as clean, but their hearts are full of greed and corruption.  It is as if they meticulously washed the outside of their cups and dishes, but they neglected to wash the inside.  They should first wash the inside, and in the process the outside will also be cleaned.  If they want to be perfect, they need to follow all of the precepts of the Law, but first give the greater importance to the Law of love.”


Matthew 23:23-26


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