2/16/16 Don’t Let Man’s Approval Be Your Motivation

“The Pharisees forget that God desires love above all else.  They pile on more and more rules and regulations, but they don’t help people live up to them.  They attempt to follow all of the rules, but their motivation is to gain glory and from other people for themselves, instead of to please and to love God.  They go above and beyond the Law of Moses, turning ten basic commandments into 613 precise laws governing the smallest details of daily life.  And they themselves must do everything on a grander scale than all the people they are trying to lead, wearing enormous prayer boxes on their foreheads and arms, and 613 long prayer tassels on their robes.  Whenever they go anywhere, they expect to be treated like royalty.  They assume that they are entitled to the places of honor, expect to be greeted with utmost respect, and love to be called ‘Rabbi.’  But you who are My disciples know that you are all equal, all brothers and sisters and children of God.  There is nobody among you who is greater than another.  You have one Father, God in Heaven, and one Rabbi, or Teacher, that is the Messiah.  So remember, if you want to be great, you must be a servant to your fellow humans, because whoever makes himself great in the eyes of man will be brought low by God, but whoever lives a humble life will be honored by God.”


Matthew 23:5-1, Mark 12:38-39, Luke 20:45-46


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