2/10/16 So, You Think You Know The Law

The Sadducees find Jesus just outside of the Temple.  They approach Him smugly, certain that they will succeed where the Pharisees have failed.  “Rabbi, we have a question for you,” one announces.  Jesus nods, indicating that He is listening.  “According to the Law of Moses, when a woman is widowed, her brother-in-law is to marry her and try to give her a child, so that her first husband’s name will not be lost.  So, here is a scenario for you.  There are seven brothers.  The oldest marries, then dies without having a child.  The next oldest brother marries the widow and also dies childless.  This continues in the same manner all the way down to the youngest brother.  All seven marry this woman and all seven die childless.  In the end, the woman also dies.  When all of these people are raised from the dead, whose wife will this woman be, since she was married to all seven brothers?”


Matthew 22:24-28, Mark 12:19-23, Luke 20:28-33


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