2/8/16 Another Failed Attempt

The Sanhedrin spy gathers some support from a couple of Herodian friends.  A few Pharisees are also watching from a distance.  They walk up the Temple stairs and find Jesus teaching in one of the rooms close to the entrance.  Waiting for the opportune moment, they stop and listen just inside the door.  When there is a break in His teaching, they go up to him and present their question.  “Rabbi,” the Sanhedrin spy says, “We know that You only speak God’s truth, and that You are not influenced by anyone on earth.  So I felt You were the best person to come to with My question:  According to the Law of Moses, should we be paying taxes to Caesar?”  Jesus raises His eyes to the ceiling, presumably looking toward Heaven, before responding with a sigh, “Why do feel the need to keep testing Me?  I know who you are, and what you are trying to do.”  Again, He sighs, walking forward toward the man.  “Show Me the coin that you use to pay your taxes to Caesar.”  The man produces a Roman coin and hands it to Jesus.  “Whose picture and inscription are on this coin?” He asks the man.  “Why, Caesar’s, of course,” the man replies.  Jesus says, “Then you should give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”  And He walks away, leaving the men once again dumbstruck and deflated.


Matthew 22:16-22, Mark 12:14-17, Luke 20:21-26


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