2/7/16 Another Trap

The Temple priests and officials have had enough.  Faces white with anger, they walk silently through the Temple to an area where they will not be overheard.  “Go and find Caiaphas and ask him to call a meeting of the Sanhedrin, right now.  We cannot allow this imposter to go on insulting everything we stand for,” one of the priests tells a guard who has been stationed at the door.  The guard nods his understanding and immediately leaves to find the High Priest.  Once the Sanhedrin is all gathered together, the Temple priests update them on what has happened.  Their response confirms that they are right to think that the problem is growing worse.  “Ideas, anyone?” asks Caiaphas.  So far, nothing they have tried has worked.  “What if we send someone who pretends to have a genuine question for the Teacher?  Something to do with Roman law, perhaps?  He might not be as knowledgeable in that area.  Maybe we can trap Him that way,” someone suggests.  “Do you have someone in mind?” Caiaphas questions.  “Yes, a merchant in the city who is unquestionably loyal to me.  He will play his role perfectly, I promise you.”  “Alright, see that he does,” Caiaphas warns, nodding his ok.  The man leaves to find his friend and explain the plan.


Matthew 22:15, Mark 12:13, Luke 20:20


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