2/6/16 The Whole World Is Invited, But Most Will Decline

Although they remain in another room in another area of the Temple, the priests and officials hear every word Jesus speaks, and He knows it.  He continues, explaining the story, “Many are called to come to the celebration, but few will actually enter it.  The first people invited are the leaders of Israel.  But like the wicked laborers in the King’s vineyard, they show in their treatment of the King’s servants and their disdain for His Son that they are not worthy of their invitations.  After that, the King extends an open invitation to everyone everywhere to come to the wedding celebration of His Son.  The people who come to eagerly celebrate, dressing in their finest clothes for the occasion, are those Jews and Gentiles who genuinely love their King and His Son, and because of this love have turned away from their desire to live a sinful lifestyle.  Those who come but choose not to dress for the occasion are those Jews and Gentiles who are much like the leaders of Israel in their disdain and skepticism, but want to see for themselves what all the fuss is about.  They do not have any love in their hearts for their King.  They do not believe that this so-called Son of His is really the heir they have heard so much about.  They have no intention of having a change of heart or mind.  They come simply to see the spectacle and maybe get something out of it for themselves.  They do not realize that in order to enter the celebration their hearts have to be clothed for the occasion, so they are denied entry.  Of course, I’m sure you know that the King and His Son are God and His Messiah, the Son of Man, and the wedding celebration is the joining together of the Messiah and His people, first any Jews who will accept His invitation, then the Gentiles who will accept.”


Matthew 22:14


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