2/2/16 The Vineyard

Seemingly oblivious to the murderous looks being sent His way, Jesus continues calmly, “Here’s another story for you.  There was a wealthy man who bought some land.  He meticulously worked the field, plowing and fertilizing it, and when it was ready he planted a vineyard in it.  He built a high fence all the way around it to keep out animals and thieves.  He dug a huge pit nearby and lined it with clay, as a place to press the grapes and make wine.  Finally, he built a high tower as a lookout area, so that he could see far off into the distance and know well in advance if any enemies were coming to rob him.  Having done all of this, he found some local day laborers and leased the vineyard to them, entrusting it to their care while he went away on a business trip to locate buyers for his wine.  When it was time to harvest the grapes, the man sent his servants to go and bring him a sample of the fruit, so that he could test it for himself.  But the day laborers to whom he had entrusted his vineyard seized the man’s servants, beating and stoning them to death.  When the man heard this, he thought, ‘Well, perhaps they thought my servants were actually thieves, coming to rob them of their hard work.  I will try once again.’


Matthew 21:33-35, Mark 12:1-3, Luke 20:9-10


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