1/28/16 Jesus’ Words Bring Eternal Life

Even though many people are now turning away from Jesus, there are still more who believe He is the Messiah.  Many of them are non-Jews – Greeks and Romans – but there are some even among the members of the Sanhedrin who secretly believe in Him.  But they keep quiet about it for fear that they will be shunned, or worse, killed, by their fellow leaders.  They fear men more than God and they would still prefer to be accepted and revered by their peers than by God.  Even now, they still take part in the plot to find and capture Jesus.  Guards are looking everywhere in Jerusalem, trying to track down where Jesus is staying and figure out a way to get close enough to arrest Him.  But He has disappeared completely since His last message at the Temple.  Suddenly, He is there, just outside the Temple, loudly addressing the people surrounding Him.  “If anyone believes in Me, he believes in My Father, God, who sent Me.  Whoever sees Me as I AM sees God.  I AM here to illuminate the way to God.  If you believe in Me, you will walk in this light and no longer have to stumble in the darkness.  But I have not come to judge this world or its people, even those who hear My words and see My deeds and still do not believe in Me.  I AM here to save the world.  When the end time comes, those who do not believe in Me will be judged by those same words that they do not believe.  For all that I say and do is not My own words or My own deeds, but those of My Father in Heaven.  He sent Me; He commands Me what to say and I say it, what to do and I do it.  I know that His Word is true forever, and brings Life to all those who heed it.”


John 12:42-50


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