1/27/16 If You Refuse To Believe, Eventually You May Not Be Able To Believe

These same people who eagerly awaited Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, who cheered Him and waved palm branches before Him, who believed He could really be the Messiah, now begin to turn their backs on Him.  They forget all that they have heard about Him, and even the miracles that they have seen with their own eyes.  The prophet Isaiah wrote about this very thing, speaking the words of God when he wrote, “Who has believed Our Words (the words of God and of Jesus), and who did We show Our power to?”  Because the people turn away and choose not to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, their hearts become hard and they lose their ability to believe.  This fulfills another of Isaiah’s prophecies which said, “Their eyes are blind and their hearts are hardened.  For if they saw with their eyes and understood with their hearts, they would turn from doing wrong and come to Me, and I would heal them.”  This is the prophecy Isaiah recorded just after he had a vision of God seated on His throne in Heaven in all His glory.


John 12:37-41, Isaiah 53:1, 6:1, 9-10


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