1/26/16 Huh?

Jesus holds His arms up for silence.  As the uproar dies down He declares, “The Voice you have just heard was not for My benefit, but for yours.  Very soon, I, the Son of Man, will be lifted up on a cross.  That will be the beginning of the end of Satan’s reign of power on this world.  The judgment of the people of this world is soon to begin, and when I AM lifted up I will begin to draw all people to Me.”  The people in the crowd are confused.  Isn’t Jesus supposed to be their Messiah?  The Messiah is supposed to live forever, be indestructible.  He is supposed to lead a great army to liberate the Jews from their Roman oppressors and set up His utopian kingdom in Jerusalem.  Someone calls out, “The Holy Scriptures tell us that the Messiah will never die.  Yet You claim to be the Messiah and still say that You are about to die.  And what does ‘Son of Man’ mean?”  But Jesus, instead of answering their questions, replies, “You only have the Light a little while longer.  Walk in the light while you can, because darkness is coming, and nobody can see in the dark.  They stumble and fall because they don’t know where they are going.  Walk in the Light, so that you may become children of the Light.”  He rises from His perch on the Temple steps, turns abruptly, and walks away, leaving many people confused and frustrated.  Some in the crowd try to find Him, to attempt to get more information from Him, but He has disappeared completely.


John 12:30-36


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