1/25/16 The Voice

The crowd silently watches Jesus’ face.  Just a moment ago it was bright and animated, but now Jesus looks thoughtful and a little sad.  He looks up to the Heavens for a moment, then back to the people.  “I have no peace in My soul right now.  I know what is to come, what I must do, and why.  I know the outcome.  But I have no peace about it.  And yet, can I say, ‘Father, take this trial away from Me, save Me from this time of heartache?’  No.  This is why I AM here.”  Once more, He looks up to the Heavens.  He cries out, “Father, use Me to bring honor and glory to Your Name!”  The crowd is startled by this change in Him.  They’re not sure how to react to what they have just heard.  Suddenly, a great rumbling noise comes from the sky.  “I HAVE GLORIFIED MY NAME, AND WILL DO SO AGAIN THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS,” says a Voice from the Heavens.  The crowd jumps back in fright.  “Thunder!” some say, as though they have not heard the words but only a rumbling sound.  But others say, “The voices of the angels!” and still others, “Could it be the voice of God Almighty?”


John 12:27-29


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