1/24/16 To Truly Live, You Must Give Up Your Life

Jesus bends His head toward Philip to hear what he has to say.  He looks up and sees the Greek men standing just outside the room where He is teaching.  He looks into the eyes of the man who had spoken to Philip and smiles, then looks around at the crowded room.  Looking back at the Greek men, He shakes His head almost imperceptibly.  With all the people here, and the extra security in place for the Passover festival, it would not be wise for these men to try to enter now.  But Jesus knows why they have come, and so He addresses their question without the men having to ask.  “The time has come for the Son of Man to be seen in His Glory.  You know well that a seed not planted will never bloom, but once planted in the soil, though the seed itself dies, it produces a crop and many more seeds.  Anyone who tries to save his own life will end up losing it, for everyone dies at some point.  But whoever is willing to give his own life for My sake will not only inherit eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven, but will be the catalyst for other lives to inherit eternal life as well.  If you are My follower, follow Me.  For wherever I AM, you will be able to follow.  When My Father looks at My followers, He will see Me, and will love them as He loves Me.”


John 12:23-26


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