1/23/16 The Bold Greeks

Each day that Jesus teaches in the Temple, huge crowds of pilgrims, in Jerusalem for the Passover festival, come to hear Him and to try and get their own miracle.  Many people have travelled great distances.  A small group of Greek travelers from near the city of Bethsaida in Galilee now make their way cautiously toward the Temple.  Though they are Greek in ethnicity, they have converted to Judaism.  But they must still be very careful, because there is a strict law that only Jewish men are allowed to go past the Court of Gentiles and the Court of Women to enter the Temple.  Anyone breaking that law is taking his life in his hands.  These Greek Jews know the law very well, but they have heard many great things about this Jesus and do not want to miss this opportunity to see and hear Him for themselves.  Cautiously, they make their way through the packed Temple courts and over to the area where Jesus is teaching.  They see a man that they recognize and head toward him.  “Philip!” one cries out, “I’m so glad to see you!”  Philip turns, surprised to see a Greek Jew here in the Temple.  “Can you take us to see Jesus, please?  We have a question for Him that we’ve been waiting quite a long time to ask.”  Philip looks dubious.  “I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything.  As you can see, it’s packed!”  Philip turns to Andrew and tells him about the Greeks and their request, and together they make their way over to Jesus.


John 12:20-22


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