1/22/16 A Delicate Situation

Jesus and His apostles return the following day, and the next several days after that.  The apostles are afraid of the Sanhedrin, knowing that they are looking for a way to kill Jesus and anyone associated with Him.  But Jesus, knowing that nothing can harm him before it is time, walks boldly into Jerusalem and up the Temple steps every day.  He sits in the Temple and teaches the throngs of people who come to Him to hear the Word of God.  His words are like medicine to many of these hurting people, and they hang on His every word.  The members of the Sanhedrin, on the other hand, are furious, and redouble their efforts to capture Him.  They don’t dare do it while He is surrounded by adoring followers, and they are beginning to wonder if they will have to wait until after everyone leaves Jerusalem at the end of the Passover festival.  After all, they want to avoid at all costs having an angry mob looking to take revenge on them for killing their beloved leader.  For now, they decide to just watch and wait for the right moment to act on their scheme.


Mark 18:18-19, Luke 19:47-48


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