1/20/16 A Matter Of Perspective

As the procession draws nearer, the people lay their cloaks and palm branches in the street to make a carpet for Jesus’ colt to walk on.  They continue to cheer, shouting blessings upon Jesus to thank Him for all the miracles He has done.  Beyond Bethphage and into Jerusalem, the crowd grows, as more and more of the people who have made the trip for the Passover festival hear the news of Jesus’ arrival.  The shouts of the crowd are deafening, such is their excitement at having Jesus among them.  Many in the crowd have heard about the raising of Lazarus from the dead and wish to see this miracle worker for themselves.  The Pharisees stand there, seething, knowing that they are powerless in the face of this outpouring of adoration.  When Jesus finally stops near the Temple, one of the Pharisees comes up to Him and demands, “Silence these peasants!  They are shouting blasphemies against the Most High God!”  But Jesus shakes His head and replies, “If they are silent, the rocks and trees will begin to shout.”


Matthew 21:10-11, Luke 19:39-40, John 12:16-19


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