1/15/16 What A Waste!

After a moment of stunned silence, an uproar ensues.  Jesus’ apostles are horrified at this display.  Judas Iscariot, their treasurer, jumps to his feet in protest.  “How dare you waste such expensive perfume?” he shouts, looking down at Mary, who is still kneeling at Jesus’ feet.  “That’s worth a whole year’s wages!  It should have been sold, so that we could give the money to the poor!”  Judas is actually more concerned for himself than the poor, though.  As treasurer, he controls all the apostles’ money and has been regularly dipping into it for his own personal use.  The money they would have received from the sale of this perfume would have lined his pockets nicely.  Jesus holds up a hand and the room grows silent.  “Let her be!  She has done a beautiful thing, anointing Me for My burial.”  The diners sit frozen in shock once more at these words.  What could He mean by ‘My burial?’  But Jesus continues, “The poor will always be among you, and you will have unending opportunities to help them, but I will be leaving you soon.  Heed My words, whenever My story is told around the world, what Mary has done will also be told and admired.”  An awkward silence follows this reprimand, until Jesus picks up His fork and says, “Now, let us all enjoy this wonderful meal that Martha has so generously prepared for us.”  After another moment of silence, the rest of them follow suit.


Matthew 26:8-13, Mark 14:4-9, John 12:4-8


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