1/11/16 The Hated King



Jericho behind them, Jesus and His apostles travel onward towards Jerusalem.  Because they are getting close, Jesus decides to tell them another story to illustrate what will happen soon.  “There was a young prince who travelled to a far country to be crowned king of the province.  Before he left his home, he called his servants together and entrusted each of them with some money, each according to what he believed the servant could handle wisely.  To one, he gave $500, to another $200, and to a third $100.  He instructed them to take good care of his money and the estate while he was gone.  The servants knew that he expected them to use the money to earn more for him, and they all solemnly promised the prince that they would do so.  But the citizens of the kingdom hated the prince and did not want him to be king.  So they sent a group of people after him to try and prevent his coronation.  They failed in their attempt, however, and the prince was soon on his way home as the new king.”  Jesus’ intention in telling this story is to show that He will be made King over the whole world, even though He is and will always be hated by many.  But the apostles have another story from recent history in mind as they are listening to His words.  After the death of King Herod the Great, when Jesus was still a child living in Egypt, the sons of the “Butcher King” travelled to Rome to petition Caesar for control of the kingdom.  Each of Herod’s sons wanted the whole kingdom for himself.  But all of them were hated by the people, and Caesar knew this.  He ended up dividing the kingdom into 4 parts and granting one part of the kingdom to each man.  This is how each of them became a tetrarch.


Matthew 25:14-15, Luke 19:11-15a, http://biblehub.com/commentaries/luke/19-12.htm, http://www.bible-history.com/maps/palestine_nt_times.html


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