1/9/16 Zaccheus Is A New Man

Zaccheus makes good on his promises, and soon he has gone from the most hated to the most loved man in the city.  The night before Jesus and His apostles are to depart, Zaccheus hosts a great celebration in His honor.  The noise and jubilation of the party reach the ears of the 2 blind beggars still sitting outside the city wall.  Something plucks at Bartimaeus’ heart.  He finds himself longing to be a part of this joy that he’s hearing.  His new friend has been talking to him about his attempt to find Jesus.  It seems that this man has walked a long way from home in hope that Jesus will heal him.  Bartimaeus is intrigued in spite of himself.  If this other blind man is willing to leave all he knows and rest all his hopes on Jesus, maybe he should too.  After all, he could always go back to begging if he needs to.  There are many beggars who have no handicap at all, but simply have lost their means of income.  “Ok,” he says to his companion, “I’ll give it a try when He comes by here again.”  The man squeezes his hand, pleased with the decision.  They don’t have long to wait.  The next morning, shortly after dawn, they awake to the sound of a crowd shouting farewell to Jesus.  Soon, He has come through the gate, and Bartimaeus feels a shadow blocking the sun that had been shining on his face.  Jesus and His apostles start down the road, still followed by the crowd.  Bartimaeus struggles to his feet and calls, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”  His companion echoes him.  But Jesus does not seem to hear, and people in the crowd yell at the blind men to be quiet.


Matthew 20:29-31a, Mark 10:46-48a, Luke 18:38-39a


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