1/4/16 You Want To Be Great? Be A Servant!

News travels fast, especially amid such a small, close-knit group.  Soon all the apostles have heard that James and John have requested, via their mother Salome, to be given places of honor in Jesus’ Kingdom.  Grumbling begins among them and reaches Jesus’ ears.  He calls them all together for a lesson before a fight breaks out.  They all sit down around Him obediently, though everyone makes sure to sit plenty far away from James and John.  “My friends,” Jesus says to them, “Did you not very recently hear Me speak to the Pharisees on this very subject?  Have you forgotten already what I have told you?  They are the ruling class of society and they make sure everyone knows it, wearing majestic robes and living in palaces, proclaiming their high status for all to hear, and looking down upon the rest of the world.  But you are different.  You have heard Me say many times that whoever wants to be lifted up must humble himself.  If you want a position of honor, you must be slave to all.  If you want to lead, you must prove your worth as a servant first.  For in the Kingdom of Heaven, the first will be last, and the last will be first.  Even I, though I come from My Father in the Kingdom of Heaven, come to serve all people, even those considered the lowest, not to have others serve Me.

Matthew 20:24-28, Mark 10:41-45


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