1/3/16 We Deserve The Greatest Honor!

They make camp for the night then.  After finishing supper, Salome, the mother of James and John, comes to Jesus and falls at His feet in worship.  Jesus looks at her and says, “What is it you wish to ask of Me?”  “Please, Rabbi,” Salome says, “When Your Kingdom is established, would You grant my sons the right to sit in the places of honor, to the right and left of You, when You are seated on Your throne?”  James and John have come over to see what their mother is asking of Jesus, and hear that last part of her request.  They look at each other, not sure whether or not they will like Jesus’ response.  “Salome, you don’t know what you are asking of Me.  The cup I AM about to drink is overflowing with bitterness and suffering.  Those who wish to share in My glory must also drink from this cup.”  Jesus turns to James and John.  “Can you do this?” He asks them.  “Yes, Rabbi!” they declare solemnly, “We will do whatever it takes!”  Jesus nods, though He knows they have no idea what they are talking about, and tells them, “Yes, you will drink from the same cup.  But, I cannot grant your request, Salome.  It is for My Father alone to decide who will sit to My right and left.”

Matthew 20:20-23, Mark 10:35-40


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