1/2/16 The End Is Coming Soon

Continuing on their way to Jerusalem, Jesus looks for an opportunity to speak privately with His apostles.  There is a large group of people with them, and knowing their destination, they are all gripped with fear.  He stops, telling the group to rest and eat.  Then He pulls His apostles into a secluded place to talk with them, trying once more to get them to understand what is to come.  “I need you to listen closely to what I AM about to tell you, because it is very important.  As you know, we are on our way to Jerusalem.  When we get there, I will be betrayed.  I will be handed over to the Temple authorities.  They will place a death sentence on Me, and then give Me to the Romans, who will beat Me, spit on Me, mock Me, and whip Me.  Then I will die by crucifixion.  But fear not, because that is not the end.  After 3 days I will live again and come back to you.”  The apostles stare at Jesus, waiting to hear the explanation for what they think is another story.  They can’t imagine what this is a metaphor for, or what He is trying to teach them through this story.  They have no grasp of what He is really telling them, and they do not understand the significance of His words.  It is as if someone is blinding them, hiding the truth of what is to come.

Matthew 20:17-19, Mark 10:32-34, Luke 18:31-34


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