12/24/15 Excuse Me, Can You Give Me Directions To God’s Kingdom?

Continuing on their way, the apostles groan inwardly when they meet a group of Pharisees.  “At least these are Galilean Pharisees, not the ones who are trying to kill the Rabbi,” whispers Matthew.  “Still, I would rather meet another bunch of lepers!” Peter whispers back.  The Pharisees, with their characteristic bold arrogance, stride over to Jesus and ask, “Rabbi, when will God’s kingdom come?”  Jesus smiles, a gleam in His eye, knowing that once again this question is meant to trap Him.  “God’s kingdom is not something that you can look for with your eyes, at least not here on earth as it is now.  You can’t give someone directions on how to get there.  It is actually here, now, but within each person who holds it in his heart.  God’s kingdom comes to each person individually, when he surrenders himself to God’s will.  I AM the gateway to the kingdom.

Luke 17:20-21


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