12/23/15 Whole In Spirit

But one of the lepers stops suddenly, and turns back.  Intent in their joy, his friends do not notice his departure but continue on their way.  This lone man runs back to Jesus, knowing in his heart that he must express his gratitude to this amazing Man, and that there must be more to discover about this Jesus.  Finding Him, the man falls to the ground and sings a loud song of thanks both to God and to Jesus.  He looks up, into Jesus’ compassionate eyes, and says, “Thank You, Rabbi, for healing us, for giving us Life again!  And especially me, for I was doubly cursed – both a leper and a Samaritan.”  Now Jesus embraces the man, pulling him to his feet.  The man is lost in Jesus’ eyes, and is a bit surprised to see sadness there.  Jesus asks him, “Weren’t there 10 of you, and all healed?  Where are the other 9?  Are you the only one with a heart of gratitude to God?”  Jesus pauses, and the man hangs his head, ashamed for his friends.  They are so caught up in their healing that they have neglected to give thanks for it.  Jesus sees the genuine-ness of this man’s heart and says to him, “But you have true faith, and that has healed both your body and soul.  Go, now, show yourself to the priests and begin your new life in faith.”  The man’s face glows with joy as he thanks Jesus again and then runs toward the village.

Luke 17:15-19


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