12/22/15 Whole Again, In Body

The lepers, though unable to show any outward sign of it, are surprised.  They have been searching for Jesus for quite a while, hoping that He will be able to heal them.  They don’t know much about Him.  They’ve only heard a few stories here and there, because they are forbidden by law to come near to any part of civilized society or any person without the disease.  The stories they have heard led them to believe that this elusive Man could heal them.  But they know nothing of who Jesus really is, or what He can do for them beyond physical healing.  Taken aback by what they see as His dismissal of them, they turn sadly and start to go back the way they came.  While they are walking away, though, a curious sensation begins to creep over each one of them.  They can actually feel their bodies beginning to knit themselves back together.  Injuries mend themselves, missing or deformed facial features return to normal, their strength increases.  They look at each other in wonder and delight.  In another moment they are all whole again.  Standing straight and tall, they all embrace one another, laughing.  And they start to run towards the nearest village, to do what Jesus has commanded and to show themselves to the priests.

Luke 17:14b


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