12/21/15 Meeting Death On The Road To Jerusalem

Jesus knows that His time on earth is growing short.  He knows that there are many who are looking for Him in order to kill Him.  But He is here to fulfill God’s purpose, and that means He must do God’s will, even when it means pain and death.  Because He also knows that pain and death is not the end for Him, He walks willingly towards it.  He sets out with His apostles on His final journey to Jerusalem.  They take a slow and rather roundabout route, through Samaria, still teaching and healing on the way.  Somewhere on the border between Galilee and Samaria, a mournful sound makes them stop.  They listen closely, and they hear it again.  A low moaning cry, issued from more than one mouth, is coming from just beyond their field of vision.  Listening still more intently, they hear words.  “Jesus, Rabbi, please have mercy on us!  Please heal us!”  Now they know, and they shrink back in fear, all except for Jesus.  These are lepers, thought of by many as death itself, and to come too close to a leper is to risk becoming one.  As Jesus’ apostles, they should know by now that they have nothing to fear.  But their human instinct takes over and they forget about Jesus’ power.  Jesus, unafraid, walks over to where they are standing together, ten of them huddled in a pitiful group.  But instead of going up to them, embracing them, and teaching and healing them, He simply issues a command:  “Go now, and show yourselves to the priests.”

Luke 17:11-14a


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