12/19/15 Corrupt Caiaphas Is The Voice Of God?

Caiaphas, as the High Priest, speaks not just for the Jewish people but for God.  And although his heart is cold toward anything that doesn’t bring him glory, he is speaking God’s truth when he tells the Sanhedrin that Jesus is to be sacrificed to save the nation.  He has no idea what his words truly mean – if he knew that sacrificing Jesus will draw people across the whole world and all across time to Him, he would never have spoken those words.  As soon as Caiaphas speaks those words, the Sanhedrin begins to form an intricate plan to put Jesus to death.  Jesus, knowing what is to happen, leaves the area and stays away from Judea.  He goes instead to the town of Ephraim, a little town in the middle of nowhere, remaining there to pray and teach his apostles.

John 11:51-54


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