12/17/15 The Crowd Responds

As the crowd watches in stunned silence, Lazarus and his sisters rejoice at his resurrection.  One by one, as though awakening from a spell, people in the crowd begin to un-freeze.  They look at each other, searching to see if perhaps someone else has seen the same thing, if maybe they’re not crazy.  Whispers begin and susurrate throughout the crowd.  Everyone has a different response to what has just occurred.  Many who hated Jesus a minute ago are now absolutely convinced that He truly is the Messiah, the Son of God.  Hearts that have been cold and dead for years come alive suddenly, filling their owners with warmth and joy and an excitement they haven’t felt since childhood.  But for others, this is merely one more trick from Jesus’ magic bag, another elaborate plot to fool the masses.  Many of those who feel this way are Pharisees, and they are now poised to run back to Jerusalem and report this to High Priest Caiaphas.

John 11:45-46


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