12/13/15 Jesus Is Life

Martha continues in a quietly hopeful voice, head down and eyes looking at the ground, “But, Rabbi, I know that even now, God will give You whatever You ask for…”  Jesus looks at her with deep compassion in His eyes.  “Martha, Lazarus will live again.”  “Yes, Rabbi,” Martha replies, trying to be brave, and at the same time wanting to give Jesus an opening to say the words she is longing to hear, “I know that he will live again, when the end comes and we are raised to live with You in the Kingdom of Heaven.”  Jesus gently tips Martha’s chin up so that He can look into her eyes.  “I AM Life itself, and I have all power over it.  Anyone who believes in Me will live again, even if he dies.  And anyone who lives in Me will never die.  Do you believe this, Martha?”  “I do, Rabbi, with all my heart,” Martha answers.  “I believe that You are our Messiah who we have been waiting for so long.  You are God’s Son.”  Martha waits a moment, hoping Jesus will say something more, but He just keeps looking into her eyes.  She turns away, unable to stand there with Him any longer.  “Mary is still in the house.   She will want to know You are here.  I will go and tell her,” she says to Jesus as she walks away.

John 11:20-28


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