12/11/15 Lazarus Sleeps…In Death

Jesus tells His apostles, “Lazarus is asleep.  I must go and wake him up.”  “But Rabbi, it’s good for him to sleep if he’s sick.  Rest will help him get better, won’t it?”  Seeing the confusion and fear still on their faces, Jesus tells His apostles the reality of Lazarus’ situation, to help them make the right decision.  “Lazarus is dead.”  He sees shock on several faces as He lifts a bedroll over his shoulder and begins to walk toward the road that will take them to Judea.  He looks back at them, expectantly, and says, “I’m glad I wasn’t there to stop it.”  Now there are looks of incredulity.  Jesus is glad that His friend is dead and that He wasn’t there to help prevent it?  “For your sakes, I AM glad.  Because what you will see now will help to increase your faith.  Come, everyone, let’s go.”  The apostles follow Jesus to the road, speechless except for Thomas, who mutters, “Yes, let’s all go and die with him.”

John 11:11-16


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