12/10/15 Back Into The Lion’s Den?

And so, 2 days later, the apostles find themselves packing to return to Judea with very mixed emotions.  They try, halfheartedly, to talk Jesus out of it.  “Rabbi, there are so many people in Judea who have been trying to kill You!  Why put Yourself – and us – back in that danger again?”  But Jesus, ever confident, replies, “I AM doing what I have been sent here by My Father to do, and with His blessing.  As long as that remains true, I AM not in danger because My time has not yet come.  There are, in this season, about 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness in each day.  For now, I AM in the light, where I can see clearly and will not stumble.  When the time of darkness comes, My time here with you will be over.  But you need not fear for your safety nor Mine, as long as you are with Me.”

John 11:7-10


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