12/9/15 Lazarus Is Sick…But How Sick?

All this time, Jesus and His apostles have been traveling outside of Judea, out of the realm of King Herod and High Priest Caiaphas and all those who want to kill Him.  Now, word reaches Jesus that His friend Lazarus of Bethany is very sick.  This is the brother of Martha and Mary, the same Mary who had poured oil on Jesus’ feet and then wiped them with her hair.  The sisters are half hoping Jesus will come and heal their brother, but also half hoping He won’t, knowing the danger that will put Him in.  Jesus shares this news with His apostles, and they are all concerned, both for Lazarus and for their safety.  Jesus tells them, “Lazarus’ illness will not end in death.  This has happened so that the Son of God will receive glory.”  Unsure what to make of this statement, but also used to Jesus’ sometimes confusing words, the apostles nod.  “We will stay here 2 more days and then begin the journey back to Judea to see Lazarus.”  The apostles don’t know what to think now.  If Lazarus is so sick that it warrants a visit from Jesus, shouldn’t they go now?  But it’s not safe to go, now or in 2 days, and Jesus just told them it won’t end in death.  And then there’s the whole unsettling thing about Jesus only a few days ago telling that story about a man named Lazarus who died.  They are very confused.

John 11:1-6


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