12/8/15 Obedience Will Increase Your Faith

Jesus’ apostles look stricken at these words.  “Rabbi, how can we do this?  Please, help us strengthen our faith so that we may see the way you see.”  Jesus, hearing the panic in their voices, gives them a reassuring smile.  “Remember what I told you before.  It only takes a tiny amount of faith to accomplish great things.  Faith as small as a mustard seed is all you need to be able to say to that mulberry tree over there, ‘Go, plant yourself in the lake!’ and it will be done.  But you are asking for dessert before you have even cooked your dinner.  When a servant works all day, does he go in to his master’s dining room and sit down and eat with his master?  No, he first serves the master, then he is able to sit and relax and receive his reward for a good day’s work.  So it is with faith.  Obedience to God’s law, to what I have been teaching you, comes first.  As you learn obedience, you will see what comes of a life of doing what I AM teaching you.  You will come to a much deeper understanding of My words, and this will cause your faith to grow.  Everything takes time and work, but it will bring you great rewards in the end.

Luke 17:5-10


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