12/7/15 Don’t Stand In The Way Of Anyone Trying To Surrender To Jesus

Jesus warns the Pharisees, “Be very careful what you do and say.  I know that it is impossible for anyone to live a blameless life – through the disobedience of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, sin entered the world and will remain in every human heart until the end of time.  And so even those who belong to Me, who are devoted to following My example and My Father’s will, are going to hit roadblocks of sin in their path to the Kingdom of Heaven.  And sadly, many will encounter these roadblocks of sin before they come to Me, causing them to turn away from Me.  But if you are the cause of these roadblocks, and prevent anyone from being saved from punishment for their sins, it would be better for you if a boulder was tied around your neck and you were flung into the deepest ocean.”  Now, turning to His apostles, He says, “Bearing all of this in mind, you must also be willing to forgive, as often as necessary, anyone who hurts you.  If your brother hurts you, confront him about what he has done.  If he comes to you to apologize, you must forgive him, even if it happens several times a day.  For how much more has God forgiven you?”

Luke 17:1-4


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