12/2/15 God’s Word Is Unchangeable

The Kingdom of God is now within your reach, and many people are flocking to it.  But you resist.  And even with your devotion to the law and writings of the prophets, you still understand nothing.  You take what cannot be changed – the law of God and His words to His children – and adapt them to suit your purposes.  For example, you teach that a man may divorce his wife if he gives her a certificate of divorce.  But you forget that the vows taken at a wedding are vows before God.  The husband and wife vow to each other and to God that they will remain faithful to each other until death parts them.  And so if a man divorces his wife and she takes a new husband, she will be committing adultery with her new husband, and likewise the man if he takes a new wife.  Even though this is a new era, the law and the writings of the prophets will remain for all eternity, and are unchangeable.  Not even the dot of an “i” or the cross of a “t” will ever be changed from what is written.

Luke 16:16b-18


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