11/30/15 Who Is Your God?

Jesus tells His apostles and the listening Pharisees, “Right now, the people who know nothing of the things of God are more clever in business than Godly people.  I have told you before, you will need to be as crafty as snakes in the way that you deal with the world, but with Godly motives.  So I tell you, use wealth, even wealth that might have come from questionable sources, to make friends for yourselves.  Take what is of this world and use it for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Gain for yourselves a permanent home in Heaven instead of a temporary shelter here.  Use the wealth that comes your way to help people – to heal the sick, feed the poor, care for the widow and orphan, defend the unjustly imprisoned.  Use it to show God’s love to those who need it most.  In so doing you will be found faithful in stewarding the gifts that God gives you, and you will be given more.  But if you cannot be trustworthy in the little things like worldly wealth, you will never be trusted with greater responsibility and will miss the opportunity to gain Heavenly riches.  If you can’t be trusted to take care of your employer’s money, you will never be given any of your own to manage.  Always remember, your motives must be pure in whatever you do, because you cannot serve both the false god of riches and the true and living God.  You will end up hating one and loving the other.  You must choose who you will serve.

Luke 16:8b-13


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