11/29/15 The Shrewdness Of The Unrighteous Steward

Jesus continues, “The steward resolves to visit all those who still owe money to his employer and make deals with them so that they will take pity on him and help him while he is unemployed.  He puts his plan into action immediately, starting with the first client on his list.  The steward looks at his account.  ‘You owe my employer $5,000.  I will make it $2,500 if you will agree to pay me now.’  The client looks surprised, but readily agrees.  The steward moves on to the next client.  ‘You owe my employer $3,500.  I will take $1000 off if you will agree to pay me now.’  Again, the surprised client agrees.  And on he goes, visiting each one until every client has paid his debt, albeit at a reduced rate.  When he is finished, he returns to his employer with the books and all the money.  And after the rich man has examined all of the accounts, the steward finds that his actions have produced a greater reward than he intended.  The rich man looks at the steward a bit oddly, and says, ‘I am impressed by your actions here.  Though I’m sure your aim was to make friends for yourself so you would still live comfortably after your dismissal, I have to say I am inclined to keep you in my service now.’  Now it is the steward’s turn to look surprised, but happy.  ‘Thank you, sir!  I assure you, I will not let you down.’  ‘See that you don’t, for you will not get another chance,’ the rich man replies.”

Luke 16:4-8a


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