11/28/15 The Grave Responsibility Of Being A Steward

At the close of this parable, the Pharisees have a rather smug look on their faces, as if to say, “We are not like that younger brother, we don’t waste the good things we are given on wine and prostitutes.  What has that parable to do with us?”  Jesus immediately launches into the next parable, knowing that He might at any time lose His audience.  But this time, He speaks more to His disciples than to the Pharisees.  “There was a man who was very rich.  He had many diverse clients and each one had an account with him.  And so he employed a steward to manage all of these accounts for him.  The steward was entrusted with all of the rich man’s assets.  He had a very high calling and had to be above reproach in everything he did, so that the rich man and his money, and all of his clients would be protected.  And so it was with horror that the rich man received a malicious rumor about his steward.  He called the man to him and asked, ‘What is this I hear about you wasting my money and being sloppy in your work?  Bring me the accounts and go over each one with me, and then you are fired.’  The steward hung his head sadly and went to bring the books.  Inside he was panicking – what was he going to do now?  He had no other skills with which to gain employment, and after being fired by his employer nobody else would hire him to be a steward.  He thought hard about this all the way home, and finally figured out a plan.

Luke 16:1-3


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