11/27/15 For The Steadfastly Faithful, Every Day Is A Celebration, But Great Rejoicing Is In Order For A Sinner Who Repents

“His father comes to meet him and asks, ‘Why will you not join us in celebrating your brother’s safe return?’  The son glares at his father and says, ‘I have been faithful to you all my life.  I’ve never disobeyed you, I’ve done everything you have told me to do, and I have worked hard with you in the family business.  And you have never had a celebration for me – you’ve never even given me any food to use to have a party with my friends.  But your other son breaks your heart, humiliates you, and wastes all your money on wine and prostitutes, and as soon as he returns you throw a party to welcome him back?  I don’t understand how you could do this.’  The father looks at his son sadly and replies, ‘My son, I love you.  You are with me all the time.  You are a great help and comfort to me.  Anything I have is yours, whenever you want it.  If you want to have a party with your friends, you are welcome to do so at any time.  But your brother was lost and now he’s found, he was dead and now he’s alive again.  And because of this, we rightly rejoice.’   The older brother, chagrined, nods his understanding and hugs his father.  Together, they walk back to the party.”

Luke 15:28b-32


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