11/26/15 It’s Not Fair!

“The boy’s older brother is still working in the fields as all of this is taking place.  When evening comes, he starts for home.  When he draws near, he notices some strange sights and sounds and smells.  What is going on?  It sounds like a party.  But that’s not possible.  He sees a servant hurrying by and stops him.  ‘What is happening here?’ he asks.  ‘Your brother has come home!  Your father told us to put together a banquet to celebrate,’ the servant replies.  The older brother is furious!  A party for that good-for-nothing brother of his?  All he ever did was cause trouble and hurt people, especially their father, and now he gets a party?  ‘Are you coming, sir?’ the servant asks.  ‘No!’ the older brother answers emphatically, ‘I will not celebrate the rebellious fool’s safe return.  He does not deserve it; he doesn’t even deserve to be welcomed back at all.’  The servant is a bit taken aback by this response, but nods and hurries off to inform the father.”

Luke 15:25-28a


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