11/25/15 Forgiveness

“When they arrive back at the house, the father calls all his servants together to give instructions.  ‘Prepare a feast!  Bring some fresh clothing and shoes for my son, and put a ring on his finger.  He was lost but now he’s found, he was dead but now he’s alive again!’  The servants, catching the man’s spirit, rush to follow their orders.  Soon, musicians begin to play lively tunes, delicious smells waft up from the kitchen, and guests arrive for a banquet.  The change in the atmosphere of the house is amazing – yesterday they were mourning and today rejoicing.  The boy is rather shocked at his reception.  He never expected his father to be so forgiving, considering how deeply he hurt him.  But he concentrates on the joy and forgets the shame, at least for the time being.  He revels in the comfort of his father’s love and forgiveness.”

Luke 15:22-24


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