11/24/15 The Reunion

“His father has been watching for him every day since he first set out on this ridiculous journey of his.  Now, as he watches, he sees someone coming.  He is too far away to see who it may be, but he knows in his heart it is his son.  He jumps to his feet and runs down the street to meet the boy.  The boy, looking up and seeing his father running toward him also begins to run, tapping into every bit of reserved strength he has left.  When they reach each other, the boy looks at his father with deep sorrow in his eyes.  He takes a deep breath, ready to beg for forgiveness and offer himself as a slave if necessary.  But before he can even open his mouth to begin, his father throws his arms around the boy in a tight embrace.  Tears stream down the man’s face as he kisses his son.  ‘Father!’ the boy cries out, ‘I have been so stupid.  I’m not worthy to be your son anymore.  But please, let me work for you as your servant.’  His father laughs through his sobs and says, ‘Oh, my boy, you are home!  You came back to me, broken but wiser.’  And they turn to go to the house.”

Luke 15:20b-21


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