11/23/15 Understanding

“The boy struggles to process his situation.  Lack of food coupled with panic makes it hard to think.  But he needs to think.  What are his options?  There is nothing for him here, nothing to eat or drink and no chance of any sustenance coming his way before the week is over.  Suddenly he realizes what he has to do.  ‘My father has plenty of food.  I will go back to him and…’  What will he say to his father?  Will his father even want to look at him?  He now understands what he did to his father.  ‘I have been such a fool!  I broke my father’s heart and wasted all his hard work.  But I have no other choice.  I have to try.  I’ll just fall at his feet and tell him how foolish I have been and beg for him to let me work for him as a servant.  It’s better than starving to death with these pigs.’  Feeling slightly better now that he has a goal to work towards, he sets out.  He has nothing to bring with him, but at least nothing is weighing him down now.  Along the way he stops to rest and happens to find some fruit on the side of the road.  Examining it, he finds that it is edible and he devours it.  The fruit gives him the energy to make it the rest of the way, and when he comes around a bend in the road and sees his father’s land in the distance he feels as though he has never been so happy to see anything in his whole life.”

Luke 15:17-20a


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