11/22/15 Real World Hits Home

“The boy looks for a job all over that whole area, but there is nothing.  There has been no rain this season and very few crops have survived to harvest.  Now there is a famine and many people are searching for work because of it.  Finally, the boy finds a man who offers him a job caring for his pigs.  By this time, he is so thankful to find any job that he takes it immediately, even though it goes against everything he has been taught since he was a small boy.  For Jews, any association with pigs is against the law of God and if anyone finds out what he is doing he will not be allowed into the synagogue until he has been purified according to the law of Moses.  The boy works hard, feeding and caring for the pigs.  But he will not get paid until the end of the week and he has nothing to live on.  He is so hungry he is even considering eating some of the pods he is feeding to the pigs, though they don’t look edible for humans.  He lets out a strangled cry of desperation.  What is he going to do?  He can’t wait a week to eat, he’ll starve by that time.  And his new employer does not seem like the kind of person who will let him come and eat with his family.”

Luke 15:14-16


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