11/20/15 Rebellious Son

“A wealthy man has two sons.  The man loves his sons very much and is generous with them.  The boys are both grown now, and the older son is already working side by side with his father in the family business and quite responsible.  But the younger son is barely of age and still very immature.  One day out of the blue the younger son comes to his father and says, ‘I’m tired of living with your rules.  I want to go out on my own, be independent, and find my own way in the world.’  His father is sad, but not altogether surprised by this.  He has been watching his son grow more restless as the years went by.  But what the boy says next is shocking.  ‘Please, give me my inheritance now so that I can start my own life.’  That is unheard of!  Children always inherit their parents’ worldly goods and wealth, with the eldest male getting the majority and the rest divided amongst the other children.  But never before their parents’ death!  The man pales upon hearing the words of his son – they are like a knife stabbing into his heart.  It is as if his son is telling his father ‘you are dead to me.’  But what can he do?  He can refuse and either force the boy to stay or let him go off on his own with nothing.  No, he loves the boy far too much to even consider that.  So he nods slowly and says, ‘Give me a little time to get the numbers figured out and get you the money.’  The boy looks satisfied with this.”

Luke 15:11-12


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