11/19/15 The Angels Dance When A Sinner Repents

The Pharisees and Sadducees don’t look convinced.  So Jesus tells another story.  “A woman has 10 silver coins.  They are her most precious possessions.  But now, she counts them and finds that one of them is lost.  She turns her house inside out looking for that one lost coin.  She searches in every corner, moves every piece of furniture, shakes out every bit of cloth, until finally she finds it.  She calls all of her friends to come over and have a party with her because she has found her lost coin.  In the same way, all of the angels of Heaven celebrate joyfully with God when one sinner repents and turns back to God.”  Still no change in the countenances of the group standing before Jesus.  He knows that some of them have not even heard any of what He has been saying.  But He begins yet another story, knowing that each time He does this He gives them another chance to really open their ears and hear what He is telling them.

Luke 15:8-10


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