11/17/15 Are You Willing To Give Up Your Life For Jesus?

In this same way, you must weigh your options carefully.  Do you have what it will take to live the life you will be called to in following Me?  Are you willing to give everything you hold dear – even your own life if necessary – to declare yourself Mine?  As I have told you before, you who follow Me are like the salt of the earth.  You will show others what real life is in Me – flavorful, healthy, and eternal.  For if you are true to Me to the end of your life, this is the reward you will receive:  eternal life with Me in the Kingdom of Heaven, where there will be no more sickness, suffering, or death.  But when salt loses its flavor it is good for nothing but to be thrown in the garbage.  So heed this warning:  if you decide to follow Me and but later turn away and return to your previous way of life, you may live out your days in comfort and safety here on earth, but you will lose an eternal life of fullness and joy in Heaven.”

Luke 14:33-35


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