11/15/15 Following Jesus Is Not What The People Expect It To Be

Jesus and His apostles keep traveling from village to village in the areas surrounding Jerusalem.  Many people are again following Jesus, believing that if they get close enough to Him they will be given special positions when He overthrows the Romans and sets up His own kingdom in Jerusalem.  Jesus knows that for many of them, this is the only reason they are there.  So when they stop for the day and make camp, Jesus addresses them.  “If you sincerely want to follow Me, you will need to be fully committed to Me.  You must be willing to give up everything and everyone in your life if called to do so.  You will need to put Me first in your life, above even your own family.  This is God’s will for all of His children.  In this life, if you follow Me, you will have many trials.  It is not an easy life that I AM calling you to.  You must be willing to risk execution by the Romans and to carry your own cross to the execution place, as Rome often requires of those they put to death.  If you are going to choose to follow Me, you need to know what you are getting into and you need to be prepared for a life of hardship.”

Luke 14:25-27


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