11/14/15 You May Not Get A Second Chance To Accept Heaven’s Invitation

Jesus continues, “The servants report back to the king that none of the invited guests accepted the invitation to the banquet.  The king was furious. ‘How dare they refuse to come?  Well, I won’t give them the opportunity to change their minds.  Their invitations are revoked.  Instead, go out into the cities and the countryside.  Find as many guests as you can among the poor and handicapped.  Invite them all to come.  I will fill my tables with food and drink and my chairs with guests.’  The servants did as they were told and soon all the lower class of the kingdom was anticipating the great banquet of the king.  But when the servants reported back to the king they said, ‘Your majesty, we did as you requested, but there are still not enough people to fill your banquet hall.’  And so the king told them, ‘Go out farther into the countryside.  Find the day laborers, the farm hands, the indentured servants, everyone you can, and make sure they know it is in their best interest to attend my feast.  And make sure their masters, the original invitees, know that they are no longer welcome in my home.’  So the king’s banquet hall was filled with guests for his feast, but none of those originally invited were present.”  Some of the Pharisees understand immediately what Jesus is telling them, but most have been too busy in their own thoughts to even pay attention to Jesus’ words.  They miss the warning in the story.  Jesus is trying to warn them not to get so wrapped up in building their own little kingdoms in this world that they miss out on the invitation to spend eternity – real life – in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Luke 14:21-24


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